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Premium Structure Marquees

Our premium structural marquees are sure to impress and make your special event magical and memorable.


clear roof wedding marquee

Prices starting from: (exc. GST)
7x15m - $2000

10x12m - $2300       10x15m - $2550 
10x18m - $2800       10x21m - $3050
10x24m - $3300  
10x27m up to 10x42m - POA

Our marquees are available in clear roof or white roof options.  At Happy Marquee Hire, we understand it can be difficult to decide and predict what walls you may be wanting for your next event, so we include all walls in the pricing of our marquees.  As we have both white and clear options, why not mix up the colour of your roof or walls?
Whether your next event is your wedding, engagement party, birthday party or any special occasion, a marquee ensures to create a perfect ambience as well as protecting you and your guests from the weather.  For both corporate sponsored events or personal celebrations, Happy Marquee Hire would love to consult with you to determine the perfect marquee for your event.
We pride ourselves on being clear roof marquee specialists!  Our marquees are available in 10m widths, and start at 12m lengths, up to 36m long!  A clear roof marquee helps bring the outdoors in - giving a feeling of dining under the stars.  Happy Marquee Hire can provide lighting to create the perfect atmosphere - from a starlit ceiling, to loose fairy lights, to a boho festoon light effect.

Weather can be unpredictable and we aim to provide you with the perfect environment, even if the weather isn't.  From a white roof marquee to create a shaded area at a corporate event, to a clear roof marquee for a cocktail or dining experience under the stars, our marquees are sure to impress.
Please don't hesitate to contact us for help with your layout and choosing the best marquee for your event.  Our specially designed German engineered marquees are completely waterproof and have a high resistance to wind.
Contact us today! 


*Our prices include setup with roof & walls on grass.  Delivery additional.

*all prices exclude GST

*We unfortunately do not provide flooring.

*Weights for structural marquees available upon request.  Additional charges apply.

Please fill in the booking form to get an exact quote with delivery.

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